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Equity Now, founded in 2017, is a proactive organization that fosters positive change. Our core mission is to innovate and implement solutions that promote equity and inclusivity. Unlike traditional approaches that rely on slow and litigious legislative processes, Equity Now believes in seeding strategies, resources, and love to create a brighter future for children, families, and communities. Our primary focus areas include Early and Post-Secondary Education, Financial Investments, Agriculture & Sustainability, and Social-Emotional Learning & Academic Development.

Led by a dynamic team with over 80 years of collective experience in various fields, including school leadership, governance, curriculum development, business management, operations execution, and parent and community engagement, Equity Now is poised to achieve remarkable results for our institutions and business communities. By intentionally assembling a team of exceptional leaders from diverse backgrounds, we aim to rebuild systems rather than merely reform them, recognizing that educators and noneducators offer unique perspectives and insights.

Our dedication to equity is unwavering, and we act urgently to provide education that disrupts discrimination, marginalization, and underrepresentation in civic leadership. We firmly believe that education is the great equalizer and recognize the urgency of addressing issues like the

school-to-prison pipeline, the overrepresentation of students of color in special education, and low graduation rates. We understand that a high-quality education is a fundamental civil right, capable of uniting and healing communities, transcending barriers of race, zip code, socioeconomic status, home language, ethnicity, or disability. Our commitment to this cause drives us to move forward swiftly, as we firmly believe that our children cannot afford to wait for change.

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