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We are Equity Now, Inc., and it is our obligation to hold true the term equity. Which is fairness, justice and is distinguished from equality.
Equality means providing the same to all, yet equity recognizes that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to disparities. This process must be ongoing and requires us to identify and overcome barriers that are often intentional but also unintentional from bias and often racist systemic structures, and Equity Now commits to be a catalyst for positive change.


To discover, plan, and implement innovative solutions for pathways of building equity. Focusing on Financial Education, improving K-adult Education, and Social-Emotional Learning & Academic Development.



To globally seed strategy, resources, and love to make tomorrow better for children, families, and communities.


Core Values

Collaboration • Respect • Excellence • Love • Diversity • Innovation

words from ceo

Words from The CEO

Thank you for your ongoing support and interest in Equity Now, Inc. Equity Now is an educational organization founded in 2017 with a laser focus on expediting change. We recognized that many problems families and communities face are adaptive, requiring legislation that can be litigious, time-consuming, and slow. The issues faced are exacerbated when you dig into the middle-class community. Therefore, our efforts are strategically focused on the growing number of families fighting for economic and educational Equity while maintaining a commitment to service excellence.

Since 2020 the usual way of life has been extremely tough for everyone. The world has been devastated by a pandemic, as we experienced divisive politics and witnessed devastating societal unrest. However, these challenges gave us reasons to be thankful, and some have been able to have a resurgence of their creativity, assist those less fortunate and in need, and spend more quality time with family.

This respectfully highlights a small portion of our accomplishments and activities that have taken place over the last few years.

We successfully purchased, designed, and renovated a seventy-four thousand square-foot facility. Our facility houses our corporate office, Legends EdVentures, and Legends Charter School to provide a 21st-century learning environment in Prince George's County, Maryland. We currently serve nine hundred students from kindergarten through grade eight. As our students matriculate, we will add one hundred scholars each year until we reach eighth grade.

In 2021, we fully opened our doors, serving seven hundred kindergarten through sixth-grade students. We were fortunate to add local jobs when people were losing employment. We have created more than sixty teacher positions, thirty support staff, and nineteen fellowship and internship opportunities. Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 global pandemic, it was a significant focus to open the doors to the community in August 2020, even if virtual. We are proud that in 2022, our second year, Legends Charter School, was awarded Charter School of the Year for Prince George's County.

The importance of Equity Now's Mission Focus Area of Financial Education became much more apparent and urgent as we witnessed the devastating impact COVID-19 had on our communities. We stepped up our efforts and emphasis on Financial Education to help close our community's generational wealth gap by providing Financial Education to all Legends Charter School students, K-7. We launched our monthly series of community Financial Education seminars, partnered with financial investment and risk management organizations, and hosted our Financial Saturday sessions. We gave away more than five thousand dollars to students with our annual Strother-Maxwell scholarship fund for scholars to invest directly into their investment portfolios and begin growing their wealth.

We are also proud to announce that Equity Now was approved by the Maryland State Service Commission for our Legends Fellow Program. The program is for service year members to support students and teachers in Legends Charter School classrooms, focusing on academics, behavior, and culture. The Legends Fellows have impacted our student's and community's lives and assisted with our Social and Emotional Learning efforts.

We will continue to pay respect and deference to the difficulties so many have faced over the past couple of years as we reflect on the success of our organization, as we know that high-quality education improves long-term academic and economic outcomes for children, families, and the local communities.

Therefore, with your continued support, Equity Now will continue to nurture the full capacity of communities, helping to move further faster maximizing economic and academic potential to seed strategy, resources, and love to make tomorrow better for children, families, and communities.

Shomari A. James, MBA Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO

Strategic Priorities

As the premier Charter School and Education Management Organization, our commitment to educational excellence is unwavering. We pride ourselves on fostering a dynamic learning environment that empowers students, engages dedicated educators, and embraces innovative teaching methodologies.

Our steadfast dedication to academic achievement, coupled with a personalized approach to student development, sets us apart as the best in the field. Through visionary leadership, collaborative partnerships, and a relentless pursuit of educational innovation, we continually strive to redefine excellence in charter school and education management, ensuring that every student and participant under our care is equipped for success in an ever-evolving world.

At Equity Now, we believe that Financial Education is a fundamental right, not a privilege. This is why we are dedicated to developing and implementing comprehensive Financial Education programs tailored for those historically underserved.

For younger learners, the journey begins in the classroom. Our curriculum is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing school programs, offering age-appropriate, engaging, and interactive lessons. From the basics of saving and budgeting to more advanced concepts like investing and credit management, we ensure that students grow up with the financial knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex economic world. 

Welcome to the Department of Community Engagement & Development, where we are dedicated to fostering inclusive, thriving communities. Our department is committed to promoting equity and empowerment through meaningful engagement with residents, local organizations, and stakeholders. We believe that community development is achieved when everyone has a voice and access to resources.


Through our various initiatives, including community forums, outreach programs, and collaborative projects, we strive to create spaces where diverse perspectives are valued and where everyone can actively participate in shaping the future of their community. Join us in building a more equitable and inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Together, we can make a difference.

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