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Financial Education

Defining Our "Why" 

Equity Now is committed to advancing generational wealth in partnership with our communities by teaching and learning wealth-building strategies. Our ultimate goal is to ensure we build a financially sustainable community and to create a culture around investing in the stock market. 


  • Tailored financial education programming based on populations' circumstances and needs 

  • Progressively improve financial literacy skills through strategic initiatives 

  • Personalized financial counseling 


We aim to close the wealth gap in communities of color by creating equity through innovative financial education programs that will grow and preserve generational wealth legacies while providing solutions that make a long-lasting difference. 



The inequitable distribution of wealth continues to suppress the progression of underserved populations. Equity Now expedites change by equipping, engaging, and empowering communities to address economic challenges through sound implementation of personal finance strategies. 

Our Services

Closing the Wealth Gap through Empowering Financial Education

At Equity Now, we believe that Financial Education is a fundamental right, not a privilege. This is why we are dedicated to developing and implementing comprehensive Financial Education programs tailored for those historically underserved.

Building Foundations for K-12 Students 

For younger learners, the journey begins in the classroom. Our curriculum is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing school programs, offering age-appropriate, engaging, and interactive lessons. From the basics of saving and budgeting to more advanced concepts like investing and credit management, we ensure that students grow up with the financial knowledge and confidence needed to make informed decisions in an increasingly complex economic world. 

Empowering Adult Learners 

Recognizing that Financial Education is a lifelong journey, Equity Now also focuses on adult education. We offer workshops, seminars, and online resources for adults needing more formal financial education. These programs cover various topics, from basic budgeting and savings strategies to more complex retirement planning and investment concepts. We aim to equip adults with tools to manage their finances effectively, reduce debt, and build wealth. 

Collaborations for Greater Impact 

Collaboration is critical to our approach. We work closely with community organizations, financial institutions, educational bodies, and industry experts to ensure our programs are current, relevant, and impactful. These partnerships also allow us to offer mentorship opportunities, where participants can receive enhanced guidance from seasoned financial professionals. 

Financial Education is about empowering individuals and communities to build a more equitable future. At Equity Now, we are proud to be at the forefront of this mission, and we invite you to join us in making a difference. Stay tuned for updates on our programs, success stories, and ways you can be a part of this transformative journey. Together, we can expedite change, one lesson at a time.

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